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I hope that everyone's enjoying the postings as I slowly work through years of travel writing backlog. Please let me know what you're enjoying and what not about the articles as only through feedback can they get any better. Also, if anyone is considering visiting any of the places mentioned and wishes to ask any questions about my experiences there, please feel free to contact me. This is particularly true regarding Vietnam which is covered in the 'Two Weeks with Uncle Ho' piece. That was written after my first visit there in 2001 but since then I've lived there for almost two years and have a lot more to say about the place. Perhaps one day I will post some of my later experiences here on the blog although at the moment I am busy writing up my account of a trip across the Balkans this summer. I hope to provide a couple of extracts from that account very soon.

The main point of today's posting however, is to talk about Travelmag. This is an online travel writing website that has been hosting some of my shorter pieces for about a decade or so as well as lots of other great articles covering locations around the world. Rather than repost all the articles hosted on Travelmag, I shall instead be providing links to them, starting with this one, Japan's Missing Generation, a tale of twenty-somethings in Toyama. But please, whilst you're there have a look round at some of the other stuff as its good and Jack, the guy who runs the site, is a cracking fellow. I once had a night's drinking with him in Ho Chi Minh City and...

... no, that's another story. You'll be able to read it here first.

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