Saturday, 22 April 2017

DPRK 2015 V-log 3: Sightseeing and Sing-a-Longs on the Bus


Oh dear, oh dear! What on earth has happened? Almost an entire year since my last posting! Has Uncle Travelling Matt passed away, stopped travelling and started watching TV or just wandered off into the great unknown? Alas, not the latter.

The fact is that I have been travelling and, just as importantly, I have been writing too. In fact, I'm now in the middle of an MA in Creative Writing which sucks up much of my writing and blogging time. I've also changed career and been to around half a dozen more countries since we last met. Even so, I apologise and so, 11 months on, here's my attempt to revive this blog. I may not post weekly as before (although I shall try) but I do promise that DPRK V-log 4 shall be less of a wait than 11 months.

Keep travelling!

Uncle Travelling Matt

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