Thursday, 7 June 2012

Travel Update V - Chisinau, Moldova


Another day, another country! This time greetings from the capital of Europe's Poorest Country! Well, maybe... or maybe not. You see, there is another contender which is actually poorer and I went there today. It's only about forty miles away, has it's own currency, flag, government and border controls. Problem is, no one else recognises it as a country despite it fighting a war against Moldova which it separated from 16 years ago. The place is Transdniestra and it's a curious slither of land between Moldova and the Ukraine. As I said, I popped over today, took some cheesy photos and collected some tatty banknotes that are unchangeable anywhere else. What was there? Very little. Why did I go? Because I could. Hmm... and that's about it. Except to say that Moldova, famous for mail order brides and a toss football team, is much nicer than I expected.

Keep travelling!

Uncle Travelling Matt

File:Transnistria State Flag.svg
The Transdniestran Flag

transnistria symbol
The Transdniestran National Emblem

File:Central street of Tiraspol.jpg
The pulsating heart of Tiraspol, Transdniestra

Moldova: Prettier than you might think...

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