Sunday, 24 June 2012

Photo Special: Romanian Elections

world-map romania

Yes, I know that I promised something different this week, but when downloading all my photos from the latest trip this week, it became clear that something had to be said about the Romanian elections that took place whilst I was there. There were posters everywhere and some of the politicians on show were… well… not quite like I’d have expected them to look. The question is, who would you vote for…?

Keep travelling,

Uncle Travelling Matt


World politics summed up in one poster: The guy on the left, a bit slippery but not too bad. The guy on the right: evil.


The Silly Hats Party promises to provide a rice bowl for every citizen of Romania to put on their heads.


Not sure about the team as a whole although the Project manager and the Economist look worth voting for…

project manager economist

…as I was saying.


“So Mr. Nicholae, what do you intend to do if you win?”

“I intend to get my secretary and grab her just like…”

“I meant about the economy…”

“Dunno, haven’t thought that far ahead.”


“The Bond Villains Party. Seriously, do you expect me to vote for you?!”

“No Mr. Pointon, we expect you to die!”


No, just no.


Aha, at last! The Skol Party! Skimpy nurses’ uniforms and free beer. My vote is cast!

What? That’s not an election poster?


Oh dear, oh dear, what am I to do? I need someone who can get the job done, a man off the people, someone down-to-earth…

I need…


Bloke from the Pub!

(And just in case you weren’t sure, he’s got his thumb up, proof if needed that USL is not Useless, it’s the right choice!)


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