Sunday, 3 June 2012

Travel Update III - Odessa, Ukraine (3rd June, 2012)


A long train journey south has brought me to Odessa, the former sun and fun capital of the USSR. It's a laid back place that reminds me a lot of Varna where I used to live, (not surprising really, since Varna isn't that far away and Odessa is named after Odessos, the Greek settlement on which Varna was founded). I spend my days drinking coffee under shady trees whilst the waves of the Black Sea ripple in the distance at the foot of the Potemkin Steps. This is a literary city: Pushkin was here; Isaac Babel was here; Gogol was here; Chekov was here.

Now Uncle Travelling Matt is here...

Keep Travelling!

Uncle Travelling Matt

The Potemkin Steps, Odessa


  1. Hey Matt. So great to hear about your travels. Rock on!

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