Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Talk with a Traveller 1: Dr. Dermot Hudson


It’s May Day today and so I thought I’d post something suitable for the occasion. The result is the first in what I hope shall become a new series for Uncle Travelling Matt: Talk with a Traveller. In each of these v-logs I shall be holding a conversation with a different traveller about their different and varied travel experiences. Some will be with friends of mine, others folk whom I’ve met whilst on the road whilst others still notable figures. Today’s traveller certainly fits into that latter category. His name is Dr. Dermot Hudson and he is the Chairman of the Korean Friendship Association UK. He has written papers on Korea, has contributed to the Bradt Guide to North Korea and was recently awarded a doctorate by the Korean Academy of Social Sciences. So, Dr. Dermot, 반갑습니다!

Keep travelling!

Uncle Travelling Matt


Talk with a Traveller: 1). Dr. Dermot Hudson

If what Dr. Hudson had to say interested you, then here is the link to the KFA website. The UK branch has a section. For those interested in visiting the DPRK, the KFA does offer trip although there are other providers. I travelled with Young Pioneer Tours who I wholeheartedly recommend.

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