Friday, 15 January 2016

Cuba and Spain 2016: Travel Update I


This year's big trip is my first across the Atlantic, to the Caribbean island of Cuba, famous for rum, cigars and revolution. It is, of course, the latter that has tempted me over there but that doesn't mean to say that I'll be ignoring the other two.

I don't really have a fixed itinerary, but basically I shall land in Havana, try to get to the far east of the island as quickly as possible and then work my way back slowly. Cuban transportation is, apparently, notoriously unreliable, and so I want to be as near to Havana as possible for when my flight time comes.

As the map indicates, I hope to see therefore Santiago de Cuba, Camaguey, the Sierra Maestra (where Castro's guerrillas fought), the Bay of Pigs and Santa Clara (where Che is buried), as well as much more.

Santa Clara


The Bay of Pigs


Santiago de Cuba

This is my first trip to the Americas and so the opening of a whole new world to me. However, before I hit Havana, there's a several day warm-up stopover in Madrid.

Anyway, I shall endeavour to update this site as much as possible although, given the nature of the internet in Cuba, no guarantees...

Until then,

Keep travelling!

Uncle Travelling Matt

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