Tuesday, 10 November 2015

V-log 12: The Ashes 2015


This week's V-log covers a passion of mine that is little discussed on UTM: test cricket. I've been following test cricket for years and can think of no game so completely absorbing from the beginning to the end. The uninitiated may scoff but it is because they don't understand. I'm not knocking football, rugby or other sports; I follow them too, but there is something about test cricket that cannot be equalled.

And the pinnacle of test cricket has to be the fiercely contested Ashes series between England and Australia. Today's v-log is of the first test in this year's series which I was honoured to watch at Cardiff's SWALEC Stadium.

Oh yes, and for those who don't follow the game, we won.

Keep travelling!

Uncle Travelling Matt

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