Sunday, 15 December 2013

V-log 7: Crowland, Lincolnshire

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As promised, albeit a week or so late, here’s my V-log of my short visit to Crowland in Lincolnshire, a rather pretty little Fens town with a rather impressive half-ruined church, Croyland Abbey, (the town used to be called Croyland). I went there because of St. Guthlac, a rather interesting chap who I came across when writing up my travel guide to Sacred Staffordshire which will be posted on this site sometime in the future. Guthlac was a Mercian nobleman, a fearless warrior who, horrified by what he saw in battle, gave it all up to become a hermit. A message for today perhaps?
Anyway, enjoy the pretty town of Crowland and please, if you’re in the area, visit it yourself; it’s well worth it!

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Uncle Travelling Matt

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