Sunday, 21 April 2013

V-log 2: Llangelynin


I took my son on his first-ever camping trip this weekend and whilst romping around the wilds of Snowdonia, we visited Llangelynin, a remote 12th century church found by one St. Celynin, with a holy well in the churchyard.Such wells are a potent feature of the spiritual life of Wales - and many other places - and I always enjoy seeking them out. What I love most is the way in which religion and spirituality have interacted with the local culture to create a spot which is truly incredible. The pre-Christians Pagans in Britain used to say that there were 'thin places' where the fog between our world and the next almost clears, places on the edge of our reality, a halfway house between this realm and the other. Llangelynin, situated at the end of a tiny dead-end lane, the coastal plain and rolling hills below it and the rugged rocky peaks of the Cambrian Mountains above is one such place and being there caused me to make this short video musing on the interaction of religion and culture which so many people deem to be a bad thing, and the joy of seeking out such ancient holy places where prayer impregnates the very stones.

All of which is well and good. However, is it quite so wise to bring a five-year old assistant with you...?

Keep travelling!

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  1. Is there really a place called Hogwarts in the north of Scotland or is that a test to see if we are looking?

  2. I thought that Hogwarts was in Osawano or is it Osawano?

  3. Sorry, or is it Owasano?