Friday, 1 March 2013

2013 Travel Update VII - Delhi and Abu Dhabi


And here we are, truly at the end of this year's trip. I write this update from the comfort of my home back in the UK as I tell you all about my last couple of day's travelling in the Indian and UAE capitals of Delhi and Abu Dhabi. But that is not all for today we'll also be having a new post following this one, the first installment of 'Across Asia With A Lowlander', the tale of my epic journey across Asia with a Dutchman.

But before that, last time we spoke, you found me in Delhi. Well, I spent some more time there, checking out famous sights such as Humayun's Tomb, the Jama Masjid, the Dargah of Hazrat Niamuddin Chisti and, most importantly of all, the steam trains in the National Railway Museum.

I discourse on shopping by Humayun's Tomb

Getting spiritual at another Sufi shrine

A Punjabi Monster at the National Railway Museum

But even when I finished with Delhi and flew off into the black night, my trip was not over since I still had a whole day in the UAE. I decided this time to stay in Abu Dhabi and check out that city. I started off with exploring the remarkable Masdar City, an environmentally-sustainable city being constructed near to the airport. That was both fascinating and incredible as I hope this V-log shows:


However, after that things were not quite so rosy, or at least, not environmentally-speaking. The first problem is that Abu Dhabi is a city built around cars and I didn't have one of those so I found navigating such a huge, inhumanly scaled and spread out place a nightmare. On top of that, I was shattered and on top of that, I had a cold. Grrr... Nonetheless, I still managed to check out some giant teapot sculptures, the heritage village, one of the world's most expensive and tackiest hotels, (they have gold vending machines for God's sake!), and the truly amazing Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

 Giant teapots

Overlooking Abu Dhabi City from the Heritage Village

 At the Sheikh Zayed Mosque

However, at the end of it all I was literally on my last legs and couldn't wait to get back home of see my incredible son. It had been a brilliant trip but after two nights without much sleep you just need your own bed!
Abu Dhabi reflections

Keep travelling!

Uncle Travelling Matt


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