Thursday, 31 May 2012

Travel Update I - Konotop, Ukraine (30th May)


I am now on my travels again and reporting to you from the town of Konotop, Ukraine. Konotop is famous for... nothing really, and is notable because... it has a railway station. There is absolutely nothing of note here save for old trams, a statue of a horse and a statue of Lenin (me like). It is about 150 miles from Kiev and about 50 miles from Russia. You may be asking therefore, why am I here? Well, ten years ago, I was here before, with my brother and a young lady called Hazel. We were intending to travel from Moscow, through the Ukraine to Romania and thence Bulgaria. Unfortunately, we were hauled off the train at Konotop, locked up in the police station for a day and then put on the train back to Moscow for not having a visa, (which we didn't need but they wanted bribes). So, this time around, when I actually I hope to complete the journey I intended all those years ago, I thought it best to start off where I left off, which, unfortunately, is Konotop. Actually, I don't mind too much, the coffee is cheap, it's pleasantly provincial, is full of pretty ladies and, as I've already said, it has a Lenin statue which is enough to keep me happy.

Keep travelling!

Uncle Travelling Matt

P.S. Peruse the images below to see what you're missing if you've never been lucky enough to experience the wonders of Konotop!

The Horse Statue

сувениры конотоп
A tram

сувениры для конотопа
The infamous railway station where dastardly border police hang out

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