Saturday, 29 October 2011


Greetings all!

At long last, after a decade and a half of independent travelling and writing, I have decided to start posting my stuff in the cyberspace world.

As an intro, my name is Matt Pointon and I am a mid-thirties British national with two passions in life - travel and writing. Consequently, I've decided to combine the two and start a blog of my travels with extracts from my works both past and present posted here along with some photos and various other bits and pieces that are somehow vaguely related.

Since I took my first independent overseas holiday back in 1996 - a fortnight on Corfu with a mate - I have journeyed to over fifty countries and lived in five of them (six if you count the UK). I'm now back in Britain but still travelling, nowadays taking my son Thomas with me. I also travel everyday when I go to work for I am lucky enough to be an ESOL teacher , meeting fascinating people from all four corners of the globe without having to leave my own county.

So far my travels have been largely centred in Europe, the Far East and the Middle East, although I have made excursions into Africa and Australasia as well. My last big trip was a journey across the Balkans, from east to west and my next one will be through the Ukraine to Romania and Moldova (God willing...). I'm currently writing up my account of the Balkans trip so expect to see bits and pieces posted on here about that. Actually, the Balkans is, so far, my favourite area of the world and I have a particular passion for Bulgaria so expect lots concerning there too.

A few other things that you need to know; I am vaguely left-wing politically, I adore Stoke City FC and try to wear their shirt wherever I go and I am a practicing Anglican.

And for now, that is that.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I am looking forward to posts about our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia! Or are you planning to go that far back?

  2. Jen, I have that typed up so if you like, I'll put it up next after the Georgia and Turkey one.